Pastel Payroll’s range of payslip stationery, which complies with the requirements of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) and Industrial Councils, has been replaced with a standardized offering – the L1 Payslip. Retailing at R485.30 per box, inclusive of VAT.

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    What is Pastel Payroll approved payslip stationery?

    Pastel Payroll offers a range of professional, pre-printed payslip stationery for your business that is convenient and ready to use. Our payslip stationery is custom-designed to match the payslip templates available in Pastel Payroll and presents information in a clear and logical manner. At a glance, your employees can see their gross and net pay amounts as well as total deductions, company contributions and fringe benefits.

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  • Orders of 5 – 9 boxes
    R 412.51 per box,

    Orders of 10 or more boxes
    R 402.80 per box

    Pre-printed payslip stationery provides your business with security, assisting with keeping vital payroll information confidential, as required by the BCEA. Most financial institutions insist on payslips printed on pre-printed payslip stationery as this is often seen to provide authenticity when your employees need to present proof of earnings.

Reasons why your company needs Pastel Payroll payslip stationery:

It’s quick and easy to use, saving you time and money. You can get your business up and running immediately. No more printing labels and sealing envelopes.

Our range of payslips portray a professional company image.

You have an obligation to keep vital payroll information confidential as required by the BCEA.

Financial institutions often insist on payslips printed on pre-printed payslip stationery as valid or original proof of earnings.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering ready to use payslip stationery when you need it. Pastel Partner Payroll offers easy, accurate and secure Payroll software processing with all the features you need. This payroll solution integrates seamlessly with the Pastel Accounting software suite as well as most other accounting software packages available on the market.